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Pet Book: Your Pet's Diary

Create a profile and care for your pet with our optimized calendar!

Register the main moments of your pet's life and share the beautiful moments with your friends.

Just add basic information about your pet (name, breed, age, date of birth, weight and photo) and go.
You have the access to the following functions.

1. Diet. You will have information how to feed you beloved pet: what food is preferable, how much food is necessary, when it is a high time for feeding. You will have an access to the optimized calendar with reminders (you can set reminders at any time).

2. Personal vet. You will get information about what vaccinations were made and when they were made. You will have a list of your pet's illnesses, vaccination calendar and bathing calendar.

3. Tracker. You will have an opportunity to track and display your walks with your pet, getting information about distance, walking time, human's calories, pet's calories etc.

4. Pet's training and behavior. You will be able to learn some information about your pet's behavior training him day after day. You can teach your petty cat to shake, to sit, to crawl, to bring something, to come closer, to jump and other things. And you also can teach your dog to sit, to lie, to stand, to come closer, to be near, to give something back, to come back to his place.

And, of course, entertainment functions:

5. Entertainment functions. With the help of this app, you can do pretty much different things. For example:
- to translate your pet's speech into human language and share it with your friends;
- to get some interesting facts about your pet's breed, including historic reference;
- to edit your petty's beautiful pictures making them more beautiful and share them in Facebook;
- to scan you pet to learn his breed, you can use you phone camera for doing this;
- to try to cross your pet with pet of other breed and see the result;
- to chat with your personal specialist.

So, the app lets you track everything about your beloved pets including potty training and medical records. The general idea is based on the house training analysis: you know how many times you should go for a walk per day to fulfill the needs of your little puppy.

We also support having all your medical records in one place. You will always know when the new vaccination is necessary and you won’t forget any past examinations anymore.

With the PetBook you will never be in need of planning of your petty diet schedule, the app will make a schedule for you.

We know how to make your and your pet's life easier. And your pet definitely deserves a social network for it. Like a PetBook.